01 Intro to your Resumé/CV Revamp (5PERILS)
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01 Intro to your Resumé/CV Revamp (5PERILS)
Learn 5 perils of having the wrong resumé/CV format, focus, and strategy when you're job hunting. Discover 3 specific things that can get you started right when redoing your resumé. Get 3 options to finish your resumé/CV revamp successfully....
Being Punctual (WET01)
Work Ethic
Being Punctual (WET01)
Punctuality. It’s a phrase most of us associate with our school days, usually accompanied by a teacher, a register, and a stern-looking face. No matter what your background, being on time will always be an important part of your academic...
Meeting Deadlines (WET02)
Work Ethic
Meeting Deadlines (WET02)
From delivering work projects on time, to following our favorite soccer teams’ all-important transfer window – deadlines exist in all aspects of our busy lives. When it comes to businesses, establishing deadlines can help companies and...
Multitasking and Being Organized (WET03)
Work Ethic
Multitasking and Being Organized (WET03)
We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money” – meaning that in business, time is often our most valuable resource (so, the quicker we can get things done, the better). One way of saving time in our busy workplaces is to remain organized and...
Self-Management (WET04)
Work Ethic
Self-Management (WET04)
Think of the best manager you’ve ever had. They likely showed great leadership skills, and were knowledgeable and patient. But, the real secret to their success? First and foremost, they were great at self-managing. Self-management is the...
Time Management (WET05)
Work Ethic
Time Management (WET05)
“Time and tide wait for no man” is one of literature’s most famously quoted proverbs. The sentiment is simple: that the passage of time is inevitable, so we shouldn’t delay in doing things. As in many aspects of life, time is often of the...
Working Under Pressure (WET06)
Work Ethic
Working Under Pressure (WET06)
It happens to everyone: a delivery date changes, and you have a week’s less time to work. Or an unexpected extra workload arrives on your desk. When the clock is ticking and a deadline looms, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the...
Persistence and Resilience (WET07)
Work Ethic
Persistence and Resilience (WET07)
It’s easy to get started on a project when you’re fresh out of the planning stage and your enthusiasm is sky-high. But some projects are marathons, not sprints. It gets harder to stick with them once you’re focusing on the day-to-day tasks....
Avoiding Distractions (WET08)
Work Ethic
Avoiding Distractions (WET08)
It’s an amazing world we live in! Anyone can call you at any time on your cell phone! Anyone can email you at your desk! Anyone can text you... wait. Maybe sometimes it’s a distracting world, too. With a dozen things constantly competing for...
Staying Motivated (WET09)
Work Ethic
Staying Motivated (WET09)
Why does it seem so hard to do some things and simple to do others? It’s tough to get yourself back to the gym after a few weeks off, but it’s oh, so easy to enjoy that double cheeseburger with all the trimmings. Or maybe you threw yourself...

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