The Basics of Financial Management (FE001)
Finance Essentials
The Basics of Financial Management (FE001)
Take care of the costs, and the profits will take care of themselves. Are you familiar with that adage? It’s one of many nuggets of economic wisdom. You may also have heard that “creditors have better memories than debtors” and that...
The Flow of Money (FE002)
Finance Essentials
The Flow of Money (FE002)
Money is always on the move. Businesses and people are constantly trading goods and services with each other, driving an economy built on production and consumption. It can be hard to understand this fully if you’re struggling to keep track of...
Key Financial Statements (FE003)
Finance Essentials
Key Financial Statements (FE003)
Don’t you just hate doing paperwork and filling out forms? But we all have to do it, at least once a year. Preparing financial documents like statements of income and expenditure can be a real chore, especially when you don’t feel confident...
The Importance of Cash Flow (FE004)
Finance Essentials
The Importance of Cash Flow (FE004)
Ah, cash flow. A term you keep hearing from banks, politicians, and your accountant. It’s the same for businesses and individuals alike: if the cupboards are bare, then you’ve got a problem. In the corporate world, “cash flow” essentially...
The Value of Budgeting (FE005)
Finance Essentials
The Value of Budgeting (FE005)
From the annual federal budget to the scrawl you made on the back of a napkin last week to see if you could afford a new TV… everyone is familiar with what a budget is. But how many of us can claim that we always operate within our budget? ...
Vulnerable Customers and Finance (FE006)
Finance Essentials
Vulnerable Customers and Finance (FE006)
When a consumer is in vulnerable circumstances, it can compromise their ability to make wise and informed financial decisions. Businesses need to be conscious of this, especially those businesses which provide financial products or services....
Financial Risk Management (FE007)
Finance Essentials
Financial Risk Management (FE007)
Different businesses are affected by different financial risks at different times. If they aren’t prepared to face these risks, they could be exposed to cash flow problems. The ultimate financial risk is that the business can fail. Definitely...
The Basics of Accounting (FE008)
Finance Essentials
The Basics of Accounting (FE008)
Although most businesses use professional accountants to prepare their annual accounts and handle all the tax filings, this doesn’t mean that business owners and managers can give up all responsibility for keeping the books in order. An...
Financial Ratios (FE009)
Finance Essentials
Financial Ratios (FE009)
So, you can just about understand your accountant’s explanation of what your “profit margin” means – but do you start to feel bewildered when they talk about the “debt-to-equity ratio” of your business? It’s easy to get lost in the...
Financial KPIs - Measuring Performance (FE010)
Finance Essentials
Financial KPIs - Measuring Performance (FE010)
It might not be their favorite part of the job, but every business owner, manager, and team leader needs to monitor the financial performance of their business or department. Immediate assessments can be made using Key Performance Indicators (or...

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