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01 Intro to your Resumé/CV Revamp (5PERILS)

Learn 5 perils of having the wrong resumé/CV format, focus, and strategy when you're job hunting. Discover 3 specific things that can get you started right when redoing your resumé. Get 3 options to finish your resumé/CV revamp successfully. Includes 30 minute 1:1 personalized resumé/CV consult review with instructor.

Are you employed now, but want to find a better job? Have you have filled out 1000s of applications, uploaded multiple versions of your resumé or CV with little response? Have your job hunt efforts attracted low-paying or fringe-interest jobs that are not what you want?

This introductory course is for you! It will get you started in our program that is highly successful in reducing job hunt time, increasing quality job offer responses, and training you to be authentic and agile in resumé/CV updates & interviews that keeps you professional sharp and desirable to companies.

  • 5 JOB HUNT PERILS TO AVOID when YOUR RESUMÉ isn’t working for you
  • 5Perils-resume_revamp.pptx
  • 5 Perils: Self-Survey
  • Complete Now: Free Clarity Tool (applied in next course unit)
  • Tool # 1 Complete this Worksheet
  • Upload your Completed Worksheets
  • Upload Your "Before" Resumé/CV Now
  • 3 ways you can correct your resumé launch NOW
  • # 1 "Look at this section and ask..."
  • # 1: Fixing a Resumé Section
  • # 2 "Organize and prioritize this first..."
  • # 2: Fixing a Resumé Tool
  • # 3 "Highlight this so I'm noticed and..."
  • # 3: Fixing a Resumé Format
  • Personalized Resumé/CV Review with Instructor
  • Next Step: Three Ways to Continue & Complete your Resumé Revamp
  • Option A to Successfully Complete your Resumé/CV Revamp & Job Hunt
  • Option B to Successfully Complete your Resumé/CV Revamp & Job Hunt
  • Option C to Successfully Complete your Resumé/CV Revamp & Job Hunt
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever